Communicate with music

For me music is – above all – a language: an authentic language that reaches everyone all over the world and invites a dialogue between different cultures and nationalities, between musicians and their audiences, between the artists themselves, as well as between feelings and intellect and even between the past and the future.

The internet seems to be the perfect communication-medium to support this dialogue. In this sense my homepage wishes to be a platform for the exchange and the dialogue between you and me, dear visitor!

„The implementation of men happens through dialogue: The ability to speak and to listen, to answer, but also to allow the words (or musical notes!) to touch oneself. In other words, dialogue is willingness to cooperate.“
(August Heinrich Henckel von Donnersmarck)
Also having the background of the current refugee situation in mind, this quote could not be more current. Let music be an example!


Sankt Goar International Music Festival & Academy

It is a great pleasure for me to announce my patronage for the Sankt Goar International Music Festival & Academy

Im Zentrum Lied (englisch)

Seit 2012 habe ich die Schirmherrschaft der Kölner Konzertreihe Im Zentrum Lied übernommen. Ingrid Schmithüsen, die Initiatorin und künstlerische Leiterin der Reihe bat mich, nach dem Tode meines Vaters dessen Nachfolge als Schirmherr von Im Zentrum Lied anzutreten, was mich mit großer Freude erfüllt hat.


Ingrid Schmithüsen

Bitte klicken Sie auf den untenstehenden Link und entdecken Sie die spannenden Programme von Im Zentrum Lied:

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